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If youre not sure what kind of thermostat youd like to have for your home, check out our thermostat buying guide: Choosing the Right Thermostat. Smart thermostats are a clear front runner since they can be controlled and programmed from your smartphone, tablet or computer.
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Perhaps the most common example of purely mechanical thermostat technology in use today is the internal combustion engine cooling system thermostat, used to maintain the engine near its optimum operating temperature by regulating the flow of coolant to an air-cooled radiator.
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You get roughly all of the same features offered with Nest's' high-end learning thermostat, but the E used plastic hardware components rather than metal to keep prices down. And while this model retains Nest's' rounded thermostat design, its frosted gray-white finish sets it slightly apart.
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Let's' just be clear about the difference: a thermometer is something that measures the temperature; a thermostat is something that tries to maintain the temperature keep it roughly the same. Photo: An electronic room thermostat showing a digital temperature reading 22.9C.
A smart thermostat, like the Nest Learning Thermostat and the ecobee Smart Thermostat, automatically adjusts to your homes temperature preferences and timings, changing itself to accommodate the need. Wireless thermostats may be operated from a mobile app, like a smart thermostat, however Wi-Fi thermostats dont automatically adjust in response to learning your homes temperature routines.

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